Lshtec automotive paint meter, also named paint thickness meter, is a painting thickness gauge used to test car paint thickness. Lshtec automotive paint meter can identify the substrate automatically. If you devote to find a cost effective paint thickness meter, you can view the digital coating thickness gauges listed below.

86236 Automotive Paint Meter

Dual-screen design for easy reading

Employ OLED low temperature resistant screen

Identify metallic putty

Distinguish iron galvanized car body


86220 Automotive Paint Meter (2nd)

Measuring range:0.0-3500μm.

Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval.

Measure car paint thickness.

Ferrous/Non ferrous thickness gauge.


I. How to Select Automotive Paint Meter for Car Industry?

Model Measuring Range Screen Working Temperature Support Bluetooth
LCD -20℃~50℃
86236 OLED+LCD

LCD: -20℃~50℃

OLED: -40℃~50℃

II. What is the car paint film thickness?

The car paint film thickness is not an absolute value. The original car paint thickness of different brands  is not exactly the same. Even the paint film thickness at different locations on the same car is slightly different.

The paint film thickness on the roof of some cars may be only about 80μm, while the paint film thickness in other places may be 120μm. When measuring the paint film thickness of the car, the most important thing is to detect the uniformity of the paint film thickness at each position. When measuring a car of an unfamiliar model, if the original paint thickness cannot be determined, the car roof paint film thickness can be used as a reference to compare the thickness of other locations. Because the roof location is not prone to scratches or impact, other paint film thickness at the location is slightly higher than the paint film thickness on the car roof. The user can find experience from multiple measurements. However, if 100 μm is measured on the roof and 300 μm is measured elsewhere, then the thicker area is likely to be repainted or scratched.

Support switch between normal mode and QC mode, applicable to different scenes. Normal mode: quick reading after put and test; QC mode: realize quick check on incoming material by setting upper and lower limit value and judge "Pass" or not.