86220 Automotive Paint Meter

Identify metallic putty and iron galvanized body
Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval
Measuring car paint thickness on iron/aluminum substrates

User Manual

Automotive paint meter, also called car paint meter, is a special instrument for detecting the automobile substrate surface coating thickness. Using a automotive paint meter can directly determine the sheet metal and spray paint of a car. It can also indirectly determine the damage degree of the car. Our automotive paint meter can identify metallic putty and iron galvanized car body as well as discovering iron, aluminum and non-ferrous substrate of a car. This car paint thickness gauge has the characteristics of fast test speed, stable test data, high measurement accuracy and so on.

The Introduction of 86220 Car Paint Meter


Parameter Coating Thickness Gauge
Probe tip Ruby fixed
Measuring principle Fe:Hall Effect / NFe: Eddy current
Probe type Built-in integrated probe
Measuring range 0.0-2000μm
Resolution 0.1μm:(0μm-99.9μm)
Accuracy ≤±(3% reading+2μm)
Unit μm / mil
Measuring interval 0.5s
Minimum measuring area Ø = 25mm
Minimum curvature Convex:5mm / Concave:25mm
Minimum substrate thickness Fe:0.2mm / NFe:0.05mm
Language 中文、English、Русский、Türkçe
Display 128×48 dot matrix LCD
Power supply 2pcs of 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
Range of operation temperature -20℃-50℃
Storage temperature range -20℃-60℃
Host size 101*62*28 mm
Weight(with battery) 79 g


Dual-propose car paint meter wihch can test iron and aluminum car body

Our car paint thickness gauge uses dual-purpose probes, which are suitable for detecting the paint thickness on iron materials and also for detecting the paint thickness on aluminum materials. It can also recognizes non-metallic substrates

Car Paint Meter tests iron car body

Car Paint Meter tests iron car body

Car Paint Meter tests aluminum car body

Car Paint Meter tests aluminum car body

Car Paint Meter tests non-metal car body

Car Paint Meter tests non-metal car body

Detect the metallic putty quickly

If a car shell has been repaired with metallic putty, the car paint meter can dig out it accompanied two buzzers in the automatic measurement pattern

Discover iron galvanized car body automatically

The car paint meter can quickly discover iron galvanized car body, anti-corrsion body, which can help sellers pitch more cars

LCD high-definition Screen

This automotive paint meter uses an industrial-grade LCD screen, which can be used at low temperature environment. No worries for outdoor use in the cold winter

Durable ruby probe

Wear-proof ruby probe tip for long-term use with strong corrosion and abrasion resistance

Three measurement modes available

There are three measurement modes can be set for the the automotive paint meter and the meter can discover metallic putty and iron galvanized car body only in automatic mode

Portable for inspection

Ultra-small size for carrying around when going out for car inspection

With temperature compensation function these sensors are unsusceptible to interference

automatic shutdown with no operation for 3 minutes to save energy

Four display language can be swithched

No calibration is needed just simple zero adjustment to ensure the measurement accuracy

Qualifications and Standards

1. Our automotive paint meter conforms to the following standards:

  • GB/T 4956-2003 Non-magnetic Coatings on Magnetic Substrates-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Magnetic Method

  • GB/T 4957-2003 Non-conductive Coatings on Non-magnetic Basis Metals-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Eddy Current

  • DIN EN ISO 2808 Paints and Varnishes-Determination of Film Thickness

  • JJG-818-2005 Verification Regulation of Magnetic and Eddy Current Measuring Instrument for Coating Thickness


  1. 1. The difference between 86220 and 86220B car paint meter?

    The Bluetooth automotive paint meter 86220B has mobile phone APP. The instrument can be connected to the mobile phone APP through Bluetooth and record test data, while the conventional automotive paint meter 86220 has this function.

  2. 2. The difference between 86220 and 86235 car paint meter?

    The two car paint meter both can identify metallic puttty and iron galvanized car body. When discovered metallic putty, the screen of 86235 will turn red while turns green recognizing iron galvanized car body.

  3. 3. How to judge whether the car has been repainted or not?

    At present, the paint thickness of different brands of cars on the market is not exactly the same. Therefore, when measuring the paint film thickness of a certain car, you can first measure the paint thickness on the car roof, because car roof is rarely affected by external forces and scratches, dents or deformation, it is more likely to retain the original paint thickness.
    To test the specfic position of the car, you can take the upper, lower, left, right, and middle five points to test and calculate the average value of the five data. If the value of one point is greater than the average value of more than 30μm, this position may have been repainted. 

  4. 4. Under what circumstances we need to make zero adjustment?

    When the body material of the car under test changes; the instrument has not been used for a long time; when the ambient temperature changed significantly; after the battery is replaced; when it can not recognize ferrou putty or iron galvanized cae body.

  5. 5. Can I customize the LOGO and shell of the car paint meter?

    Yes, but there is a minimum order quantity.
    The minimum order quantity for customized LOGO: 100pcs; the minimum order quantity for customized instrument shell: 500pcs.

Car Paint Meter model selection

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