86213 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Non-destructive for metal, glass, ceramics and plastics

Precision ultrasonic thickness gauge provide fast, accurate readings
Two measurement modes: QC Mode/Statistics Mode
High-sensitive dual-crystal probe
Automatic Gain switchable

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The tester employs a double crystal transducer consisted of two independent crystals separated by an acoustic barrier. When the ultrasonic pulse emitted by one of the crystal sensors of the probe reaches the demarcation surface through the material to be measured, the pulse will be reflected, and received by another crystal sensor.  The professional timing chip inside the instrument precisely records the time of ultrasonic wave propagation in the material, and finally the instrument determines the thickness of the material with time and velocity. The measuring range of the tester is 0.8mm-350mm, capable of testing the most engineering materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, glass fiber and any other ultrasonic good conductor.


How to use the ultrasonic thickness gauge


In many industries, It is essential to measure the wall thickness to confirm the condition of the material for the normal running of the items or structure safety. The ultrasonic thickness gauge can be widely used in testing the thickness of various accessories or metallic structure to check them whether to be repaired or changed such as ships, tanks, pipes or steel structure. The gauge is applicable for petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, shipbuilding, aviation and aerospace various fields.

Parameters Values
Measuring Range 0.8-350mm(45#steel)
Resolution 0.8-100mm:0.01mm
Accuracy 0.8-10mm:±0.05mm
Sound Velocity Range 1000~9999m/s
Probe Specification 5MHz φ10 dual-crystal probe
Display 240 * 160 dot matrix LCD
Unit mm/inch
Power Supply 2 * AA alkaline dry batteries
Host Size 142 * 72 * 28 mm
Weight about 230g
Working temperature range -10~50℃,0~85%RH(No condensation)
Storage temperature range -10~60℃,0~85%RH(No condensation)


Ultrasonic double crystal probe

The gauge probe employs a double crystal transducer consisted of two independent crystals separated by an acoustic barrier. One crystal sends ultrasonic pulses, and another is responsible for receiving them. The probe is highly sensitive and can effectively reduce clutter, and the probe housing is made of stainless steel, which is hard and durable

Automatic Gain switchable

Some materials are good conductors of sound and some are not. For the latter, the meter can switch the gain freely which is to amplify the ultrasonic signal so that the emitted pulse is accurately captured by the transducer as it propagates, and obtains accurate data

Excellent timer chips provide fast, accurate readings

Our ultrasonic thickness gauge calculates the material thickness by sound velocity and the time taken between the emitted pulse and the detected echo, a precision timing chip can bring the user the accurate time to get the accurate data

High precision, high resolution

The accuracy of the tester can reach ±0.05mm to ensure that it can pass the Chinese national authoritative metrology institute testing. And when testing the materials whose thickness are from 0.8mm to 10mm, its resolution is 0.01mm

Various materials can be measured

The gauge is used to measure the thickness of metallic materials (steel, iron, aluminum, copper) and non-metallic objects (ceramics, plastics and glass) and any other ultrasonic good conductors, where the other surface of the material must be parallel or coaxial to the measured surface during the test

QC Mode and Statistics Mode

The ultrasonic thickness gage sets up two measurement mode: QC mode and statistics mode. The former is allowed to set upper and lower limits to check the problem areas by prompting NG or PASS. It will count maximum, minimum and average values of data in statistics mode

Provide sound velocity of multiple materials

The instrument already contains the velocities of several common metallic (such as iron, copper, aluminum) and non-metallic materials (plastics, ceramics, plexiglass) as well as other objects and the user are not required to find them separately

Comfortable grip with non-slip silicone keys

Housed in ABS plastic shell with non-slip silicone keys, the ultrasonic thickness gauge has a comfortable grip and easy to operate

LCD Screen offers users relaxing reading

Inch/mm switchable

Selectable display languages

Qualifications and Standards

86213 conforms to the following standards: 

JJF 1126-2044 Calibration Specification for Ultrasonic Thickness Instruments